Ganesh Rokaya

First of all, I would like to thank Studenten Projecten Nepal. I am Ganesh Rokaya from Doti, a remote district of Nepal. I am an orphan child. Since my childhood; I got an opportunity to study in Kathmandu through the support of my uncles. I have completed Bachelor Degree in Veterinary Science. Now, I am

Dev Chaudhary

My name is Dev Chaudhary. I was born in small town of Nepal called Chitwan in family of five. Being a farmer, my parents had a dream of educating their children but in our Tharu community, education was not important, only very few families or people were following this path of education. While, I was

Anzali Shah

I am Anzali Shah, one of the selected candidates who receive the scholarship from Studenten Projecten Nepal (SPN). I came from remote area that is Dadeldhura District which lies in the far-Western part of Nepal. In my village, still many girls are out of school. In some place school going girls drop-out their school due