Ganesh Rokaya

First of all, I would like to thank Studenten Projecten Nepal. I am Ganesh Rokaya from Doti, a remote district of Nepal. I am an orphan child. Since my childhood; I got an opportunity to study in Kathmandu through the support of my uncles. I have completed Bachelor Degree in Veterinary Science. Now, I am

Dev Chaudhary

My name is Dev Chaudhary. I was born in small town of Nepal called Chitwan in family of five. Being a farmer, my parents had a dream of educating their children but in our Tharu community, education was not important, only very few families or people were following this path of education. While, I was

Anzali Shah

I am Anzali Shah, one of the selected candidates who receive the scholarship from Studenten Projecten Nepal (SPN). I came from remote area that is Dadeldhura District which lies in the far-Western part of Nepal. In my village, still many girls are out of school. In some place school going girls drop-out their school due

Tsewang Palmo

My name is Tsewang Palmo, I am one of those  students who are lucky enough to be  sponsored by your organization. About myself, I am a Tibetan refugee residing in Tashi Palkhiel Refugee Camp in Pokhara, Nepal. My parents and grandparents had to face great difficulties in crossing the mountains and hills from Tibet to

Sumit Shah

A Story of Dedicated Structural Engineer I am Sumit Shah from a remote District Dadeldhura. I have completed my Master’s in Structural Engineering (M.E.) from Anna University, India, which is one of the best university for engineering in South Asia. I received the scholarship from Studentenprojecten Nepal for my Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering, Nepal.

Sudip Karki

When Dream Change into reality: A Journey Doctor Student from Dolpa   I am Sudip Karki student of MBBS from Dolpa a remote District of Nepal. Since my childhood, I have dream to be a doctor, which turn into reality when I selected in the merit list for the MBBS course in the different Universities

Sandip Thapa

Dream to be an Olympian My name is Sandip Thapa Magar from Dhading District. My mother is housewife, she works very hard for my study and games. My father left my mom when I was just two years old. I belongs to marginalized Magar Community of Nepal. I have a poor family background, therefore; it

Muna Adhikari

A motivation towards selfless journey I am Muna Adhikari from Rautahat district, Nepal. Currently, I am preparing to pursue my higher studies. Recently, I have successfully accomplished my contract with government to serve at government hospital for 2 years. I worked as a Nursing Officer in Sukraraj Tropical and Infectious Disease Hospital, Kathmandu. The tenure

Deepak Kamat

I was looking for financial support to pursue my computer training and I went to Social Welfare Council Nepal to ask for support, they recommended me to Student Project Nepal Computer Institute for computer training. I did various computer learning program in SPN-CI, now I am working at Nepal Education Consultancy as Counselor and Marketing